“Daniel Nayeri is a publishing renegade.” —

“Provocative and deeply satisfying.” —Kirkus Reviews

“These are the genre-bending tales of David Nayeri. Full of humor and emotional resonance.” —Education Resource Center, University of Delaware

“It seems an increasingly difficult thing to claim to know contemporary American Literature and not  know Daniel Nayeri.” —Barb McConnell

“Clever, unique, suspenseful, genius, these words describe Daniel Nayeri’s book.” —Portland Book Review

“Nayeri’s storytelling finesse is on full display here, as he creates characters and spins plots out of breathtakingly vivid wordsmithery.” —The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books (starred review)

“A delightful amalgam of the high and the low, the silly and the sublime” —BookPage

Interview with NPR “Here & Now”

Interview with Publishers Weekly

Interview with Bibliokept

Podcast Interview with International Arts Movement

Guest Speaker: Boston Book Festival, Texas Book Festival, Festival of Faith & Writing, Book Expo of America, SCBWI Conferences

“For those who have ears to hear, as another great storyteller once said, there is immense truth here.” —Best Book of Year Selection, Hearts & Minds Bookstore

Interview with Our Books Our Voice

“Loved.  Totally, totally loved.” —Wandering Librarians

“These four tales engage and stretch the imagination in surprisingly delightful fashion.” —Books of Wonder

“Sly, mysterious and all around unexpected.” —Liyana Othman

“A collection of page-turning, fascinating, finely wrought, and occasionally thought-provoking reads that will leave readers wanting more.” —Greg Leitich Smith

Featured on Cynsations

Featured on Book Chic Club

“These stories show what a great creative, inventive, dark mind Nayeri has and what he may have in store for readers in the future is simply delicious to think about.” —Back to Books

“Unlike anything else being published for teens these days, and I only hope it is a sign that Nayeri has more in store.” —Readspace

“Creepy. Utterly imaginative. Compelling.” —The Hiding Spot

Featured on YaminaToday

Guest Post on Karin’s Book Nook

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