Wall of Art

The Wall of Art

Part of my job is to constantly dig through online profiles of illustrators, agency galleries, and student showcases, to look for fresh talent. It’s a time-consuming part of the job, but contacting a young artist out of the blue about a possible book project, and hearing his or her reaction is easily one of the most rewarding aspects.

On one of the walls of my office is a collection of various artists I admire, many whom I’ve worked with, and many more that I dream to collaborate with in the future. It’s the “Wall of Art.” I try to add something new each week. I figure, I’ll also post it here, as a virtual WOA.

* If you have any submissions for WOA, feel free to send them to the question line (in my “about” section). A link would be much kinder than a 5MG file.

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